Mafalda and I met in May 2000 in Hannover (Germany), half a year after I returned from an eight month internship in the United States. It was a marketing internship at a large German real estate loan bank that brought her from Italy to Germany. While she had planned to stay only five months, we soon decided to move together and to stay in Hannover for two years - until I finally completed my Computer Engineering degree in April 2002.

A bit tired of the German weather and the city of Hannover, we were looking to move to South Europe. So I applied for jobs in Italy and France, which finally brought us to Sophia Antipolis, a little Silicon Valley like area between Cannes and Nice at the beautiful Cote d'Azur. We lived there until January 2003, when I got a job offer from my previous employer in California.

A short while later, Mafalda graduated from her Business Economics study and we got married in Italy in August 2003. She then became the Marketing Manager for a computer hardware firm, and we ended up staying in San Francisco for a few more years.

After more than 5 years in San Francisco, we decided to turn one of our dreams into reality: We moved to New York City in May 2008 and do now live in Carroll Gardens (an old Italian area) in Brooklyn.

Here is an article about us that was published in a small local German newspaper.

Mafalda Cogliani
Tobias Kunze
399 Clinton St #2
Brooklyn, NY 11231